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SOMERS YOUTH SPORTS ORGANIZATION (SYSO) is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting, organizing and administering youth sports programs for the children of Somers. SYSO is not a Town-run (Parks & Recreation) program. The philosophy of SYSO is to encourage a healthy level of competition while stressing safety and participation for all, regardless of skill or ability. This is accomplished through programs that are both recreational and educational for children and their parents.


SYSO has invested in AED’s that are installed in close proximity to every Somers Town field. We are still working on getting the units installed at the Schools.

They are kept in locked green storage cabinets. Coaches should be familiar with their locations and how  to go about obtaining keys.

The Storage Cabinets are mounted in the following areas:

  1. Lower Reis Dugout Field – inside the closet attached to the 1st base dugout of the Dugout Field
  2. Lower Reis Pony Field – on the back of the first base dugout of the Pony Field (field closest to path to Van Tassel)
  3. Upper Reis – on the back of the bathroom facility
  4. Van Tassel Fields – on the side of the bathroom facility and new storage barn. It is visible as you enter parking lot
  5. Fireman’s Field – mounted to the outside of the green AYSO storage bin near the stream, close to middle school


Also, note that EVERY tackle head football coach is given an AED to have with them on practice and playing fields.